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Maggie Rogers Is Discouraged By The State Of Female Representation On Alternative Radio

Maggie Rogers received some good news recently: Her recent single “That’s Where I Am” has jumped to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay chart dated June 25. That makes it her third song to top that particular ranking, following “Alaska” in 2016 and “Burning” in 2019. Despite that, Rogers is discouraged with the state of the alternative radio charts, specifically as it pertains to female representation on them.

This afternoon, Rogers tweeted, “idk how this is even still at all surprising to me, but my managers just sent me the top 50 chart for alternative radio and there’s…8 women ? like i know we’re having a 90s revival, but we still can’t do any better than that ??” She added in another tweet, “the other diversity stats are also just eeeeeeeeeeeesh.”

Meanwhile, Rogers, who is about a month away from releasing her new album Surrender, recently spoke with Apple Music’s Matt Wilkinson about making the LP, saying, “I started it in Maine and it really felt like going back to making music the way I made it when I was a kid. I was in my childhood bedroom, making music in a little studio I set up over my parents’ garage.”

Rogers is also fresh off of announcing tour dates and graduating from Harvard Divinity School.