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Vladimir Putin’s War Has Backfired For His Approval Rating, Which Tanked To A 20-Year Low As Russia Grows Increasingly Isolated

Vladimir Putin’s been waging a dismal war in Ukraine for over 100 days, and all the Botox in the world can’t help his image.

What a way to sum things up. Putin is, in fact, apparently still deep into the Botox, and despite supply-chain hiccups, he’s still said to look embalmed as a result of his obsession. The Ukrainian people didn’t roll over as he presumably expected, what with the grandmas waving molotov cocktails around and President Zelensky refusing a lift out of the country, preferring to stay and ride with his people.

Meanwhile, reports of Putin’s circle maneuvering to find a successor persist for many reasons, not only including rumors about Putin’s physical (and mental) health but also because, according to a Pew Research Poll and the Moscow Times, Putin’s worldwide ratings are at a 20-year low:

A median of 9% of respondents in 18 countries said they have confidence in Putin “to do the right thing regarding world affairs,” Pew said. That compares with 18% confidence in Chinese leader Xi Jinping and 60% for U.S. President Joe Biden and 59% German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Putin’s worldwide approval has been on a downward trend during his two decades in power. :But in 2022, these numbers reached record lows in every nation where trends are available,” Pew said.

The report even indicates that right-wing participants, who previously looked favorably upon Putin, have jumped ship as well. This won’t do anything to quell word from U.S. intelligence officials who read reports indicating that Putin’s “rule is no longer absolute” in Russia, and CNBC is now reporting that Putin’s already tiring of being a global pariah. He’s now attempting to strengthen his still remaining ties with China and India while lashing out at what he’s describing as “politically motivated” economic sanctions levied upon Russia since the Ukraine invasion began. So, sanctions are political, but war is not? Yup, it sounds like he’s really saying that.

(Via Pew Research, Moscow Times & CNBC)