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Jaden Ivey Laughed At What He Looks Like In NBA 2K

Jaden Ivey went fifth overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. Despite rumors the New York Knicks pressed hard to get him in the trade, Ivey is sticking around and, in theory, gives Cade Cunningham the kid of turbo-charged running mate that should make the Detroit Pistons’ backcourt formidable for years to come. Now that he’s in the Association, Ivey can look forward to some of the cool stuff that comes with being a professional basketball player.

For example, Ivey is going to be a player in the NBA 2K series, and any time you ask an athlete about getting that honor, they usually mention how cool it is that they’re in a game they played growing up. Ivey took to Twitter on Saturday and said just that, saying it’s a “blessing” to be able to use himself in the basketball game.

Ivey did have one gripe: The Jaden Ivey in 2K does not look like the Jaden Ivey in real life.

Someone came up with a fake name for Ivey’s character, which the former Purdue standout thought was hilarious.

There is no current release date for NBA 2K23, but if it’s like last year’s game, we can expect the game to drop sometime in early September. If that is the case, the fine folks at 2K Sports have some time to get this all sorted out before the new game drops.