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Lauren Boebert Got Schooled After Freaking Out Over Bricks That Were Simply Part Of A Construction Site

Conservatives haven’t been rejoicing too much about the end of safe and legal abortion across the whole of America. Even the former president who made the Supreme Court decision possible is reportedly worried it will lead to a massive backlash against the GOP. Others are worried about violent protests. It’s true, police have been attacking protesters across multiple cities. But so far, the only violence from protesters has been made up by the far right.

On Friday, hours after Roe v. Wade was overturned after almost half a century, possible future former restaurant owner (and lawmaker) Lauren Boebert posted an ominous image: several piles of bricks sitting on a road in D.C. She tweeted at the Capitol police, asking “why are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings?”

Alas, all she had to do was take a closer look. The Daily Beast did, and they revealed that, as per signs right next to the pallets, was a sign informing passersby that it’s part of an ongoing construction project on First Street in D.C. There was even a permit. She could have also consulted the District Department of Transportation’s website, which informs citizens that that part of First Street is indeed “under construction.”

Had she approached the bricks, she would have also seen a construction site, with a back alley in the midst of being ripped up, complete with a nearby bulldozer.

Perhaps what Boebert was trying to do was make a call-back to the summer of 2020, when conspiracy theories abounded about pallets of bricks “mysteriously” showing up near Black Lives Matter protests sites. Conservatives would claim that they were put there for antifa members to wreak havoc. Antifa members wondered if they’d been planted by the far right to discredit them. Alas, there was never evidence of either.

Boebert’s tweet tricked a lot of people on the right, but others took the time to educate her about a mystery she could have easily solved on her own.

Naturally Boebert has, at least of this writing, not taken down her misleading tweet.

(Via The Daily Beast)