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Conservative Columnist Peggy Noonan Earned Laughs When She Said The GOP Should Become A ‘Party That Helps Women’

On Friday, the Supreme Court did what was teased back in early May: It overturned Roe v. Wade, much to the shock of easily duped lawmakers. Suddenly women in at least a dozen states were unable to procure a safe and legal abortion. More states are bound to follow, and there’s fear that that’s just the beginning of even more infringements on civil rights. Though it’s the endgame of a long con that began decades ago, there hasn’t been much rejoicing. Even Donald Trump, who stacked the court with rightwing extremists, has reportedly trashed it in private, fretting that it may lead to backlash from voters.

On Sunday, others tried to play damage control. Peggy Noonan, longtime conservative columnist and former Reagan speechwriter, participated in a panel on NBC’s Meet the Press. She offered some advice to her buds.

“You know what the Republican party should do now?” she said. “ It should use this victory, if you see it that way, to change itself and become a party that helps women — to change its reputation and become a party that helps women and children become responsible and supportive.”

Before she could even get halfway through her line, her fellow panelists, including host Chuck Todd, were laughing. Was it because the party is still largely beholden to a former president who’s been credibly accused of sexual misconduct by several women? Was it because they just took rights away from women?

In any case, they weren’t the only ones laughing at Noonan’s logic.

Meanwhile, there are people on the right celebrating the destruction of Roe v. Wade. One of them, Rep. Mary Miller, told a crowd at a Trump rally that it was a victory for “white life.”

You can watch the entire panel discussion in the video above. Noonan’s comments begin around the 7:45 mark.