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Haim Explain How Their Recent Drake Meet-Up Was A Coincidence ‘Like Something Out Of A Movie’

Around this time last month, Drake and Haim met up in Toronto, with Drake sharing a smile-heavy photo of the encounter and writing, “Just met the Beatles.” While it made sense that the two would meet in Drake’s hometown, what hadn’t been made clear is how Drake and Haim actually crossed paths. Now, though, the Haim sisters have shared how it happened: pure coincidence.

According to a new NME interview, the story goes:

Alana: “We literally landed in Toronto, and went to the first restaurant we saw… it’s like something out of a movie. We were at this random restaurant and Drake showed up.”

Danielle: “It sounds like folklore, like a mythic story.”

Alana: “But that’s what happened!”

Este: “We were straight-up wearing our clothes from the plane, to see Drake.”

Alana: “Well, we didn’t know! It’s pretty crazy.”

Este: “But that’s what I’m saying, we didn’t know and he showed up and I was wearing pajamas and Uggs and no make-up and acne medication, to meet Drake.”

Alana: “It was great.”

As for what the band’s up to now, Alana said, “We’re always writing, it never stops. I think the biggest thing is being away from touring for two years was the most heartbreaking for us, we’ve always considered ourselves a touring band. We love playing live, and we just did our tour in the states and in a couple of weeks we get to do our UK tour, and we’re just so excited. We’re playing The O2 arena!”

Check out the full interview here.