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Rudy Giuliani Claims He Could Have ‘Died’ After Being ‘Attacked’ In A Grocery Store, But Footage Of The Incident Shows He Was Lightly Slapped On The Back

Move over, Will Smith. There’s a new slap in town.

A grocery store worker on Staten Island was arrested on Sunday after slapping Rudy Giuliani on the back while the sweaty former-mayor campaigned on behalf of his “obnoxious” son, Andrew Giuliani. NBC New York reports that “Giuliani, a recent focus of the January 6 committee, was at the ShopRite on Veterans Road in Charleston, where he’d reportedly been out campaigning for his son, when cops say an employee attacked him around 3:30 p.m. The employee was taken into custody. Police sources said the 78-year-old Giuliani refused medical attention after the slap to the back.”

I’ve had nasty NYC pigeons fly into me harder than this so-called attack:

Giuliani later called into a radio show hosted by Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa to talk about the incident. He described the slap as “a shot on my back, like somebody shot me. I went forward, but luckily I didn’t fall down. The guy says words I can’t repeat. You effin’ whatever. And then he goes on and on and on yelling and screaming, he moves away, yelling and screaming.” He also claimed that the man called him a “f*cking scumbag,” and that it had to do with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

He continued:

“I mean, suppose I was a weaker 78-year-old and I hit the ground, cracked my skull, and died.”

Footage of the attack released did not appear to show Giuliani lurching forward or falling after being slapped on the back. The video also appeared to show Giuliani standing upright and pointing his finger at the man who confronted him.

“This has to stop. This is getting ridiculous,” the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm star said on Sunday afternoon. “I’ve been in politics 50 years, I’ve never been attacked like this.”

The suspect was charged with second-degree assault involving a person over age 65. But on Twitter, people are questioning Giuliani’s dramatic reenactment on the incident.

(Via NBC New York)