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KISS Played A Show In Austria But Used An Australian Flag On Stage To Thank Fans Instead

The opening scene to Dumb & Dumber is timeless low-brow humor. Lloyd Christmas, played by Jim Carrey, lowers the window of the backseat of a limo to grab a lady’s attention. She speaks with an accent and tells him that she’s from Austria. To which Carrey replies, “Well g’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!” (in an Australian accent). The gal, clearly not amused, says, “Let’s not” and turns away. Carrey rolls the window back up, only to slither his way back to the front seat, where he is in fact, just the limo driver.

What happened at KISS’s show in Vienna, Austria last night isn’t too far off from the buffoonery that Carrey displayed in the 1994 film. As the concert at Vienna’s Wiener Stadthalle came to a close, the band flashed a KISS logo on the stage with the note saying, “KISS Loves You Vienna.” Only the flag emblazoned on the KISS logo wasn’t the Austrian flag, it was the flag of Australia instead.

D’oh! This is an unfortunate blunder for the band who is on their End Of The Road Tour, the final KISS tour of all time. Recently, 72-year old lead singer Gene Simmons, said that the full body armor and make-up that he puts on every night on stage, is something that other artists today could not accomplish, not even Beyoncé. Regardless, fans on social meeting are letting the band have it for confusing Austria with Australia.