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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Losing It Over Someone Being *So Mean* To Deface Her Anti-Trans Sign: ‘I Don’t Feel Safe’

Marjorie Taylor Greene is complaining about the “attacks” on her anti-trans sign again, which have the Georgia congresswoman fearing for her safety. The anti-trans sign, which Greene posted in 2021 to troll a fellow congresswoman with a trans child, has been repeatedly vandalized. However, despite her proclamations to the contrary, the Capitol Police did take her concerns seriously and have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect.

In a new interview with the right-wing One America News, Greene walks a reporter through the situation after saying she noticed a “pattern” after “seven different attacks.” And by attacks, Greene means stickers. Someone was putting stickers on her anti-trans sign, and from the way Greene tells it, the ordeal was a vicious assault on her safety.

“The attacks were against my Christianity,” Greene told OAN. “They were stickers that would go up on the sign, attacking me, mocking me using Bible verses. So I have been reporting the issues to House Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police asking for surveillance cameras because I didn’t feel safe. I have many death threats. Threats against me, personally, threats against my family.”

Here’s the thing, by Greene’s own admission, the House Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police did address the situation by installing surveillance cameras at her request. Not only that, but they identified the culprit and are pursuing charges. Of course, again, these are stickers we’re talking about, which gives the whole thing Rudy Giuliani “attacked” at a supermarket vibes. At least in Giuliani’s situation, he was physically touched by someone (very gently on the back) whereas Greene is demanding federal charges over having to peel a sticker off of a laminated sign.

(Via David Edwards on Twitter)