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Rudy Giuliani Somehow Still Has Honorary Degrees At Five Colleges, And Alumni Are Understandably Very Upset

As Rudy Giuliani‘s reputation continues to take a nosedive thanks to him attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election for Donald Trump, five universities still have not rescinded honorary degrees bestowed on “America’s Mayor.” However, the situation is reaching a boiling point as alumni and faculty have begun to speak out about the shame that Giuliani now brings to their colleges.

“It’s the epitome of academic cowardice,” said James Bowers, a legal studies professor at St. John Fisher College where Giuliani has an honorary doctorate. Via Insider:

Trump’s one-time personal lawyer “clearly no longer represents the values that the Board of Trustees and our president professes that they believe in.

“The board cannot in good faith claim that it teaches goodness, discipline and values when it maintains an award to an individual who has basically backed an insurrection against American democracy,” Bowers said.

The four other universities are Syracuse University, Loyola University Maryland, The Citadel in South Carolina, and Georgetown University. Many of the students and alumni that are calling out their alma maters work in the legal profession where Giuliani used to be a respected figure until his work with Trump became a national disgrace.

“It is difficult to look at an institution that is supposed to be justice oriented and truth seeking to be ok with Giuliani holding this honorary degree from our university,” Sydney Brook, president of Loyola’s pre-law society told Insider. “And I certainly think that it would be a missed opportunity if Loyola continues to fail to reassess this honorary degree.”

However, some at the holdout schools are blasting the call to rescind Giuliani’s honorary degrees. “This whole thing strikes me as political correctness run amok,” Gregory Germain, a law professor at Syracuse, said.

(Via Insider)