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Cameron Diaz Is Coming Out Of Retirement For A Netflix Movie, Thank God

The Holiday, Shrek, and The Mask are all good movies with one thing in common that sets them apart from every other movie. As it turns out, all perfect cinema can be traced back to one important player: Cameron Diaz.

Diaz famously retired from acting in 2014, returning for a minuscule cameo in 2019’s Charlie’s Angels and also a one-time stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race earlier this year, of course. It looks like her hiatus is coming to an end, so we can breathe a sigh of relief that one day, maybe, there could be another Shrek movie out there.

According to Variety, Diaz is slated to return to the big screen (well, whatever screen you stream Netflix on) alongside Jamie Foxx in the action-comedy Back In Action, where she will seemingly be back in action. Diaz and Foxx have worked together on numerous projects in the past, including Any Given Sunday and her last movie role pre-hiatus, Annie.

There are minimal plot details, though the movie is being written by Neighbors’ Brendan O’Brien and directed by Seth Gordon, who worked with Diaz on Horrible Bosses.

Diaz has been quiet since stepping back from Hollywood, a move she famously did not regret, as she felt like she was being treated like a “machine.” The actress has had some time to rest and recharge, so perhaps now is the perfect time to ask about a potential Being John Malkovitch follow-up.

(Via Variety)