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Rudy Giuliani’s Bad Luck Is Even Affecting An Associate Who’s Going To Jail For Fraud For Running A Company Called ‘Fraud Guarantee’

Few have had a fall anything like the one that’s plagued Rudy Giuliani. He didn’t just fall on hard times. He’s repeatedly humiliated himself in the most creative way possible. His luck is so bad that it seems to affecting even his close associates. Indeed, one of them is headed for the slammer.

As per Mediaite, Lev Parnas, founder of a company called Fraud Guarantee, has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for [drumroll] fraud. The company claimed to protect its clients from fraud. Alas, it itself was committing fraud, with Parnas admitting he took part in wire conspiracy and gave investors false information about how they worked.

And who was once employed at Fraud Guarantee? Rudy Giuliani! Who was hired as a consultant, paying him $500,000 at a time when Giuliani’s client, Donald Trump, was still president and when they sought connections with wealthy Ukrainians.

One of Parnas’ victims was in fact the one who ponied up the money to pay Giuliani, and he hopes he will return the money. Parnas told him not to hold his breath. “I don’t think he’ll pay him back because, as you can see, he’s gone down the path of no return,” Parnas said. “He’s just an evil man, unfortunately, and somebody that I’m very, very sad that I had to meet.”

Besides, Giuliani is a little busy. He’s still embroiled in the most famous slap since this year’s Academy Awards, and he may have just accidentally incriminated himself while attacking the explosive testimony given by former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson. Oh, and then there’s that billion dollar lawsuit.

(Via Mediaite)