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Chelsea Handler Filled In For Jimmy Kimmel And Promptly Explained To ‘Swollen, Bee Sting Head’ Andrew Giuliani Why He Lost His Bid For NY Governor

Jimmy Kimmel is currently on vacation but left his namesake late-night show in good hands by tapping Chelsea Handler as his guest host. She no doubt did him proud on Tuesday night when she took aim at Andrew Giuliani, who seems to have wrongly calculated that nepotism and a meaningless position within the Donald Trump White House had equipped him to serve as New York’s next governor. Handler, however, was ready to set him straight:

Andrew, honey, I hope you know you lost not because of your swollen, bee sting head. Or because you’ve got a smile like a jack-o-lantern. Or because you have zero qualifications. You lost because your last name is now toxic. Because your dad had one week after 9/11 when he was considered a hero, but then he blew it when he went f**king nuts.

Handler says there are many questions we’ll never really know the answer to, like: “Would Andrew have lost if his dad didn’t try to overthrow democracy from a landscaping store? Or sweat gravy during a press conference?”

Andrew Giuliani

The better question might be: Would Andrew Giuliani have been able to get on the ballot at all had dear old dad not attempted to kick open the doors that had already begun closing on him when the former New York City mayor decided to join forces with Donald Trump and baselessly claim that the election had been stolen, then openly admit that “We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

And to think that Rudy nearly lost his life in the process when a man lightly tapped him on the backoh, the horror!—to tell him he was a scumbag.

You can watch the full clip above.