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Even The In-House Fox News Legal Analysts Now Think Trump Will Be Prosecuted

Following Cassidy Hutchinson‘s explosive testimony at the January 6 hearings, even Fox News‘ legal expert thinks Donald Trump is in serious trouble. During the most recent episode of The Interview podcast, Fox legal analyst Andrew McCarthy explained why he thinks the former president is in danger of being prosecuted and it comes down to the most damaging revelation from Hutchinson: Trump knew the protestors were armed because he allegedly told the Secret Service to stop using metal detectors and wave them through.

“The critical thing he says is ‘they’re not here to hurt me,’ which implies that in his mind, he knows they’re here to hurt someone,” McCarthy said. “And the second thing he says, which I don’t think has gotten enough attention, ‘they can come in, they can hear me, and then they can march to the Capitol.’”

According to McCarthy, just for that matter alone, Trump could be facing “20 years if you’re talking about people using potentially lethal, dangerous weapons.” Via Mediaite:

“So he’s very aware that you have a mob that’s armed to the teeth that he is planning to encourage to march on the Capitol. And then as the testimony ensues, we find out that he not only intended them to do that, he wanted to participate, he actually wanted to lead them down there.”

“That knowledge opens up the possibility that you could prosecute for aiding and abetting the intimidation of federal officials, which is a pretty serious crime,” he added.

McCarthy also said that Trump is looking at charges for obstruction of congressional proceedings, but he cautions that going after the former president for seditious conspiracy might be less successful. McCarthy, who, again, works for Fox News, also feels that Trump should’ve been impeached for January 6 and disqualified from running for president in 2024.

(Via Mediaite)