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Lindsay Lohan Stars In A New Allbirds Commercial That Pays Lovely Homage To ‘Mean Girls’ And ‘The Parent Trap’

Lindsay Lohan (the H is silent, btw) is coming for her overdue Oscar. The former child actress/one of the best to ever do it will return to cinema later this year in Falling for Christmas, a Christmas film for Netflix. Earlier this year, Netflix announced a two-picture deal with Lohan. In the meantime, she’s making a gradual return into our lives in preparation for her takeover. Lohan stars in a new ad for Allbirds running shoes, which makes references that even the laziest Lohan fan (for example, someone who still pronounces the H) will understand. It might even be more self-referential than Michael Bay’s motion picture AmbuLAnce.

The ad, titled “Unexpected Athlete: Lindsay Lohan in the Tree Flyers,” opens with a shot of Lohan’s bedroom, which includes a nightstand topped with Oreos and peanut butter, a reference to the delicious snack Hallie (Lohan) and Annie (Lohan) eat in 1998’s The Parent Trap.

“I didn’t run track in high school, I was more of a mathlete,” she says, a reference to her character Cady Heron in 2004’s Mean Girls, who was a mathlete. Later in the ad, Lohan chooses from a collection of shoes in different colors. She picks a pink pair, and says, “well, it’s Wednesday.” If you don’t know that one, I’m not sure why you’re reading this (hint: it is also a Mean Girls reference).

Unfortunately, the ad contains zero references to the abhorrent but relentlessly rewatchable Georgia Rule (2007) for the five other fans out there.