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Fans Of The Eagles Get Kicked Out Of VIP For Starting A Fight During ‘Take It Easy’

Some things just don’t fly at The Eagles gig — such as brawling, which is what happened on June 26, before security guards had to swoop in and kick some people out. At Hyde Park in London, the classic rock band launched into “Take It Easy,” and for reasons unknown, fans in the Diamond VIP section did not take it easy.

Photos and footage from Metro show that security guards had to intervene to calm down several people by taking them down onto the ground and then making them leave the venue. The Diamond VIP package costs at least £399, which translates to over $485. The video shows one man attempting to push security away from him, probably after too many beers, but who’s to say. Despite the drama, the Eagles remained unbothered, continuing to play their chill song.

The Eagles are known for being uncool music, serving as a perpetual punchline like Coldplay, Nickelback, or Maroon 5 are today. This was perhaps never more clear than the famous scene in The Big Lebowski when The Dude tells his cab driver: “I f*ckin hate the Eagles.” Definitely don’t tell this to fans at an Eagles show, because apparently, they’re not afraid to throw hands.

Watch footage of the havoc below.