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Fox Has Canceled Amy Poehler’s ‘Duncanville’ After Three Seasons

Amy Poehler‘s animated show about a bland teenage boy with a huge imagination is over after three seasons at Fox. Yet the wildest thing about Duncanville news isn’t the cancelation; it’s that it survived as long as it did. That’s not a knock on the quality of the show, which looks perfectly anodyne and boasts not only Poehler but also Simpsons alums Mike Scully and Julie Scully in the writer’s room, but rather a signal that a show that no one has ever heard of could score three full seasons in the current landscape of endless entertainment options. Despite averaging less than a million viewers during its lifetime, it managed to survive until now.

According to Deadline, Fox won’t air six already-produced episodes meant for a fourth season. Instead, they’ll move to Hulu, a natural fit since full seasons are already on the TV streamer.

Poehler, who voiced several characters including a fictional version of herself and her Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope, also produces Three Busy Debras on Adult Swim and directed the 2022 Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz documentary Lucy and Desi.

Meanwhile, with Duncanville cleared from the animation slate, Fox will soon launch Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis (about monsters and Gods trying to run the first human city) and Grimsburg (about a detective voiced by Jon Hamm trying to get his family life together).

(via Deadline)