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A Letter-To-The-Editor In ‘The Advocate’ Makes A Succinct Case For Not Outlawing Abortion: ‘The Foundation Of A House Is Not A “Beloved Home”‘

It’s been nearly two weeks since the right-leaning Supreme Court eradicated Roe v. Wade (as well as other radical decisions), thus ending safe and legal abortion in much of the United States. It’s a calamity for women, and even Republicans are amazed at how little Democratic leaders have done to fix it. Indeed, so far a random guy who wrote a letter-to-the-editor has done more to make the case for restoring reproductive rights.

The Advocate ran a letter from a retired computer programmer named Tom Barton, who describes himself as “an old man who’s probably already had his last sex,” though, he adds, “that doesn’t mean I’ve turned against it.” He calls outlawing abortion a “bad idea,” and sex, well, pretty much the opposite:

In my mind, sex is the best it gets. It’s fun, good exercise and free! Most importantly, it’s life’s most spectacular form of intimacy. Think of music, think of poetry.

People are going to have sex. We humans love to make love. Of course, sometime procreation is what it’s all about, but that’s only “sometimes.”

Barton points out wanted pregnancies are a “wondrous miracle.” Unwanted pregnancies, not so much. “Raising a kid is a 21-year project that’s going to take up all of the parent(s)’ resources,” he says. “Even then, it might never be finished. Pushing people into parenthood is bad business.”

He also points out that when anti-abortion advocates describe abortions as “killing babies,” they’re really — unintentionally, or maybe intentionally — using the wrong terminology:

All my life I’ve known the difference between a fetus and a baby. Now I’m being told there is no difference. That’s a distortion of words, and an error. The foundation of a house is not a “beloved home.” A three-month-old fetus is not a baby.

“Sex is beautiful,” Barton concludes. “God did give it to us. We should not be asking every man and woman, every time they enjoy this gift, to be wagering on a lifelong obligation to raise a child.”

You can read the full letter at The Advocate.