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Christine And The Queens Announces Their New Album, ‘Redcar Les Adorables Etoiles’

Christine And The Queens are returning with their first album in four years. Today, he’s announced his third album, Redcar Les Adorables Etoiles.

Similar to his 2018 album, Chris, Christine will adopt a new moniker for this album. Introducing Redcar, the album will usher in a new era for Christine.

As Redcar, Christine will go by “he/him” pronouns. Earlier this year, Christine, who also goes by Chris, spoke about gender expression by way of pop music to the New York Times.

“My journey with gender has always been tumultuous,” he said. “It’s raging right now, as I’m just exploring what is beyond this. A way to express it could be switching between ‘they’ and ‘she.’ I kind of want to tear down that system that made us label genders in such a strict way. I remember talking about being pansexual in France in 2014 — it was a conversation that few opened up, and I was advised in, like, offices to maybe tone it down. I’m really trying to address it the right way now, and I’ve been sometimes pressured to give an answer. But I think the answer is to be flickery, fluid, escaping.

Check out the album artwork below.

Christine And The Queens Redcar Album Cover
Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Redcar Les Adorables Etoiles will arrive on 9/23 via Because Music. Pre-save it here.