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Alex Jones (Uh Oh) Tried To Convince Marjorie Taylor Greene (Oh No) To Run For President (Nope), And She’s Considering It

InfoWars kook Alex Jones believes soda cans are making our penises smaller, CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter is a “literal demon spawn” who gets “drunk on our children’s blood,” and the government is “putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin’ frogs gay,” on top of his more heinous conspiracy theories.

So naturally, he’s backing Marjorie Taylor Greene for president.

The Georgia representative, who recently retweeted a clearly Photoshopped image of the Highland Park shooter reading the Bible in a jail cell, appeared on Jones’ show on Wednesday. “I think you would poll better and be a better candidate for president than [Florida governor Ron] DeSantis and [former-president Donald] Trump. Would you take a VP spot with either one of them?” the host wondered before adding, “I’d rather just go ahead and back you for president.” Jones thinks Taylor Greene (who he’s fawned over before) is “smarter than both of them and you’ve got the guts we need. Everybody loves you. I’m serious. We need to think about MTG president here.” Do we, though?

Taylor Greene replied, “Well, thank you, Alex, and I will tell you it’s not something that I don’t consider. But you know I’m the kind of person that if I ever get engaged in something, I’m going to win. And I won’t do something unless I think it’s possible.”

If there’s any sanity left in politics (which…), MTG’s 2024 presidential campaign will be “suicided” before it even begins. You can watch the nutty clip below.

(Via Raw Story)