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Tim Allen’s Yacht Leaked Fuel Everywhere And Forced A Marina To Shut Down During The July 4 Weekend

Tim Allen has been busy. Last week he crapped all over Pixar’s Lightyear, in which Chris Evans semi-confusingly voices not exactly the same character he played in the Toy Story saga. He followed that up by ruining some people’s Independence Day weekend plans.

As per The New York Daily News, when the Home Improvement alum and noted kid-hater, pulled his yacht into the dock at a marina in Michigan on Sunday, he did so while his vessel was leaking fuel all over the place. Allen didn’t notice that the fuel filter gasket had popped out until he rounded a corner in the bay, and he didn’t notice the mess he’d made until someone pointed it out.

By the time Allen, who grew up in the Wolverine State, was done, somewhere between 30 and 50 gallons of diesel had spilled into the water. As a result, the marina as well as a nearby beach had to be shut down for about 12 hours.

Allen didn’t only ruin people’s holiday weekend plans. The accident also claimed the lives of a family of ducks. However, it’s expected that the leaked fuel won’t cause any lasting environmental damage. It’s reported that Allen will be paying for the clean-up. Celebrities! You can’t take them anywhere.

(Via NY Daily News)