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Rhea Seehorn Explains Why Rewatching ‘Breaking Bad’ Is ‘Tragic’ Following The Latest ‘Better Call Saul’

[This post contains spoilers for Better Call Saul]

Is it too soon to call “Fun and Games” one of the best episodes of Better Call Saul? Probably! But that doesn’t mean it’s true. The last 10 minutes or so of the episode, in particular, should be taught in film school. “How to Do a Time Jump 101.”

Brian Grubb will have his Lie Detector Test recap later today, but for now, let’s turn our attention to something Emmy nominee Rhea Seehorn (that’s fun to type) said in her post-“Fun and Games” interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

When asked whether she was on-hand to watch Bob Odenkirk’s full-blown transformation into Saul Goodman, she replied, “No, but I forget why it didn’t. There was a logistical reason. I think I had to do some inserts from earlier scenes or something. So there was some reason why I couldn’t go, but I didn’t avoid it on purpose.”

But when Seehorn watched the episode, “I realized while watching him in full-fledged Saul mode that I’ll never see that character the same way again because of what they’ve done and what [Jimmy has] done. If I were to re-watch Breaking Bad now, that character is just tragic now. Yes, he was doing sinister things, but in general, he came off as a bit of a dangerous clown. And now, he just seems so sad.”

There is nothing sadder than a bowl of Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars on the breakfast table.


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(Via the Hollywood Reporter)