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Beach Bunny Complete Their Outer Space Mission Video Trilogy On ‘Weeds’

Beach Bunny have saved the best for last. Ahead of Friday’s release of their new album, Emotional Creature, the Chicago quartet have completed their outer space trilogy of music videos with the show-stopping “Weeds.”

It’s not just that “Weeds” might be the best single from the handful of super catchy pop-punk anthems that Beach Bunny have now released off of Emotional Creature. But the “Star Team” intergalactic pop punk video trilogy was seriously as fun to follow along with as their music is to listen to.

In the “Weeds” clip, singer Lili Trifilio rescues Star Agent Zero in the finale of the Star Wars-esque caper that she wrote. And as triumphant as the accomplished mission was (originally tasked by Bob Odenkirk no less!) it’s the song that shines so bright here, especially Trifilio’s lyrics. “‘Weeds’ felt like I was taking ownership of my emotions instead of letting my emotions drive me into despair,” Trifilio said in a statement. And she captures that so well singing:

“Like nothing matters after
Natural disaster
And I wonder
Where’s my happy ever after?
I’m obsessed, depressed, can’t seem to find no closure
What’s the point in getting dressed
If the two of us are over?”

Do yourself a favor and dig into Beach Bunny’s “Weeds” video above and check out all of the others and the some here.

Emotional Creature is out 7/22 via Mom+Pop Music. Pre-order it here.