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Britney Spears Praises ‘Freaking God’ Michelle Pfeiffer For Being In The ‘Hottest Scene’ In Movie History

Batman Returns is not only the weirdest superhero movie ever made — it also features the “hottest scene” in cinema history. That’s according to Britney Spears, at least, who took to Instagram to share her appreciation for Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic performance as Selina Kyle / Catwoman.

“I feel like she’s the most charming… sexy… and alluring woman… this scene is probably the hottest scene I’ve ever seen in my life,” Spears wrote about the moment in the 1992 film where Selina makes her Catwoman costume. “Of course, @michellepfeifferofficial whom I’ve never met is the character… she is sick in this movie in the most conventional way possible!!!”

The pop star praised Pfeiffer’s Catwoman for giving “hell a whole new meaning… I respect that… there’s been a lot of remakes since then well damn tons, but honestly I don’t think anyone can come even close to that scene alone.”

Spears doesn’t think Pfeiffer has any idea who she is (she does), despite being one of the most famous people on the planet, “but I just want to let her know a silly girl from the South has always thought she was a freaking God and I have so much respect for her it’s kind of insane!!! Thank you for doing your craft in such a beautiful way,” she wrote.

I feel the same way as Spears, but about this scene from Batman Returns.

You can read Spears’ post below.