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Alex Jones May Sue Some Of His Former Lawyers Who Couldn’t Stop Him From Losing One Case After Another

Things aren’t going great for Alex Jones. The InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist is in the midst of one of the most chaotic trials in recent memory, which is saying something. On Wednesday, the unthinkable happened: The lawyer representing Sandy Hook parents informed Jones that his own lawyers accidentally sent him a digital copy of his entire cellphone, incriminating messages and all. Whoops! Jones hasn’t had much luck with other trials either, and he’s reportedly trying to find someone(s) to blame.

As per The Daily Beast, Jones and InfoWars brass have been considering suing some of the former lawyers who’ve failed to win him cases, accusing them of legal malpractice. In a deposition from February, one lawyer, Brittany Paz, for the conspiracy forum revealed they had “concerns” about certain previous representatives.

Paz didn’t named names, but she did single out three former InfoWars attorneys for criticism: Marc Randazza, Brad Reeves, and Robert Barnes. One of her claims was that they had badly botched document delivery, prompting accusations that they had deliberately sabotaged Jones and InfoWars’ defense.

Both Randazza and Reeves expressed incredulity when asked about these claims by The Daily Beast. The former even charged that other, “utterly terrible” lawyers are simply “deflecting attention from their incompetence” to “competent” lawyers like himself. Barnes, meanwhile, may not actually be on Jones’ bad side. After all, he appeared on InfoWars only a few weeks back.

It would be an odd move for Jones to sue former lawyers while he’s still in the middle of a trial. In the meantime, Jones could probably use the scratch. Should he be found guilty of defamation over his Sandy Hook claims, including that it was a “false flag” operation and that the dead children were actors, he may be out over $150 million.

(Via The Daily Beast)