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Von Miller Is Getting Sent ‘Boxes On Boxes On Boxes’ Of Toilet Paper From Bills Fans

The Buffalo Bills made a major splash this offseason when they went out and acquired former All-Pro defensive lineman Von Miller. With the team’s path to a Super Bowl including quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow, the Bills decided they needed to bolster their pass rush, and there was no better example of that than by trading for Miller from the Los Angeles Rams and subsequently giving him a 6-year deal worth up to $120 million.

In addition to his prowess as a pass rusher, Miller is one of the league’s more unique personalities, which makes him a fun match with Bills fans, who are known for being … well, let’s call them a little different, but in a really good way. An example of this came when Miller recently said the quality of toilet paper in the team’s dormitories during training camp wasn’t up to part. And then…

“The people of Buffalo, the people of Rochester, and Bills fans in general are great,” Miller said. “I remember the last time I was up here, I said something about the toilet paper, and four days later, I got all types of toilet paper, just in the mail, and wipes, and plant-free wipes from all types of fans. I just put ’em in the locker room, it was great.”

Miller went on to say he’s gotten “boxes on boxes on boxes” of toilet paper and wipes from Bills fans. Congratulations to every player on Buffalo’s roster on the development.