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Why Is ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Not On Streaming Platforms Yet?

Top Gun: Maverick has been shattering box office records ever since it barrel rolled onto the big screen before the Memorial Day weekend. The Tom Cruise sequel gave theaters and Paramount a much-needed win as the film industry revs back to life following the pandemic. But, with most of the summer almost over, the big question is when can audiences start streaming Top Gun: Maverick at home? Well, there’s good news and bad news on that front.

As the pandemic threw release dates into chaos and caused some studios to start doing streaming releases, Cruise used his considerable clout to insist that Top Gun: Maverick be kept on ice and not be released on Paramount+. Obviously, Cruise’s instincts were right as evidenced by the sequel crushing box office records left and right. It also appears that Cruise’s devotion to a traditional release went further than just eschewing a streaming release.

While other Paramount films have been hitting the streaming service after a 45-day window, Top Gun: Maverick still does not have a release date for Paramount+ as of this writing. However, the sequel will be available for digital VOD purchase on August 23, which means Top Gun: Maverick was given a 90-day theatrical window. Thanks to the pandemic, those have become increasingly rare these days, but it tracks with Cruise’s demands to go hard on the theatrical experience. In other words, expect to wait a bit until Top Gun: Maverick arrives on Paramount+.

Top Gun: Maverick will be available for VOD purchase on August 23.