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An Ohio Man Was Arrested For Allegedly Mailing Jim Jordan And Other Republican Lawmakers Some Poop

Jim Jordan is one of the more controversial Republicans in Congress these days, which is saying something. He’s no Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert or Matt Gaetz, who together have been dubbed Beavis and Butt-Head. But one critic took his distaste with him too far.

As per Insider, Richard John Steinle, a 77-year-old man from Ohio, was arrested on Friday after being accused of mailing dozens of letters to Republican lawmakers laced with poop. One of them was sent to Jordan. In the letters, Steinle called his targets racists and names like “pig.” Each letter was laced with feces.

Postal workers first caught wind of Steinle’s crap-streaked letters in July. They alerted federal investigators, who staked out the man’s home for five days. Eventually they trailed him to a mailbox, where they caught him putting on gloves and dropping off a letter. Upon obtaining the letter, they found it indeed contained Steinle’s defecations.

Steinle is accused of sending 25 excretion-laced letters in total starting in August of 2021. He is facing a misdemeanor charge, which carries with it up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Jordan last made news when he spread misinformation about a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was raped by a relative and refused an abortion. He refused to apologize.

(Via Insider)