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‘Ricky And Morty’ Is Promising Some Almost Certainly Nutty Forthcoming Thing Called ‘Wormageddon’

The Rick and Morty team has always thought way, way, way outside the box. One reason it’s so popular is how much creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon enjoy confounding expectations. The sixth season is nearly upon us, which Roiland has promised is better than the fifth, which he (at least) found a bit disappointing. But it begins, in early September, there’s some…thing en route. And it has to do with worms. Or something.

As caught by The A.V. Club, the Rick and Morty team released a cryptic 15-second video. Entitled “A Citadel Secret,” it features some kind of egg or orb floating in a vertical tank in some lab. The computers start short-circuiting. Fire erupts. The tank starts cracking. And the show’s official website gets prominently listed.

What does it all mean? Well, the Citadel is the former interdimensional hub that connected scores of Ricks and Mortys — until it was destroyed by Evil Morty in last season’s finale. But the biggest clue comes from actually going to the website. There, one will encounter a countdown clock, promising something on or about August 18th, about two weeks before the next season premiere. That something? It’s called “Wormageddon.”

Presumably that means there will be lots of worms, right? Well, Rick and Morty is usually not that obvious. What’s more, why is “Wormageddon” arriving well before the Sept. 4 premiere? Who knows! Until then, all one can do is sit and wait — and wonder how long it will take for Roiland and company to achieve their promise of dozens more episodes.

(Via The A.V. Club)