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‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci And Sam Mendes Are Making A Satirical Superhero Comedy Show Which Will Likely Have A Ton Of Swearing

As Hollywood continues to churn out bloated superhero movies (and cancel others without warning) it seems like audiences are a little burnt out when it comes to their favorite powerful beings. That, and the fact that several VFX artists have been speaking out about being overworked, seems to signify a shift in how we look at the superhero industry. So now would be the best time to create a satirical workplace comedy about the people who are actually making these franchises, right?

HBO has ordered a new series from the mind of Armando Ianucci, the creator of Veep and the less-loved but still fun Avenue 5. Director Sam Mendes, known for 1917, Skyfall, and once being married to Kate Winslet, will direct and executive produce the series. The Franchise will follow a crew who makes superhero movies and the subsequent obstacles they are forced to face when millions of dedicated fans are breathing down their necks to over-analyze every shot. The plot description, according to Variety:

The half-hour project takes a wry look at superhero movie-making. It follows a hopeful crew trapped inside the dysfunctional, nonsensical, joyous hellscape of franchise superhero movie-making. If and when they finally make the day, the question they must face — is this Hollywood’s new dawn or cinema’s last stand? Is this a dream factory or a chemical plant?

Iannucci is also a noted superhero fan, making his comic debut earlier this year with an issue of Spider-Man, so he likely knows the ins and outs of the superhero game. Mendes on the other hand was originally asked to direct The Avengers but never got around to it (he’s a busy guy). Now is his chance to get into the industry!

(Via Variety)