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Alex Jones Apparently Had An ‘Intimate Photo’ Of His Wife On His Phone That He Texted To Roger Stone

At this point, it feels more like public record than personal opinion to state that Alex Jones is not the world’s most likable man. Or the most empathetic. (Though if he’s really looking for a superlative, Most Shirtless Conspiracy Theorist is certainly on the table.) And chances are that if you were Mrs. Alex Jones (shudder to think), you’re probably not going to rank him too high in the thoughtfulness department, either — especially if you only just learned that he texted an “intimate photo” of you to his nutty pal Roger Stone.

Just last week, almost 10 years after the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the InfoWars host lost his long-waged war against the parents of that day’s victims and has been ordered to pay them nearly $50 million in an ongoing defamation case. A large part of this was thanks to Jones’ lawyers committing what might be the most idiotic accident in all of legal history: sending two years’ worth of texts and personal communications to a Sandy Hook parents’ lawyers.

While Tucker Carlson is reportedly sh*tting his pants over what those texts might reveal about his daily texts with Jones, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook parents has confirmed that one of the items found on Jones’ phone was an “intimate photo” of Jones’ wife, Erika Wulff Jones, which Alex texted to Stone.

On Monday, as Mediaite reports, Mark Bankston—the lawyer to whom Jones’ team accidentally sent the private communications—confirmed that an “intimate photo” of Wulff Jones were among the details they received. As Bankston explained:

I’m a little concerned about it because that intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone, and I don’t know if that was consensual. And if it wasn’t consensual, and Mrs. Wulff Jones should know about that. And there might be something that needs to be done about that. Then again, it could be totally consensual. But when I see that — and I don’t see any indication that it was — I’m concerned something might not be on the up and up with that. There are certainly laws in certain states about that.

Jones himself talked about the matter on InfoWas over the past weekend, explaining: “There was a photo I sent my wife of her naked. Ok, they got that. So, my wife looks pretty good. The point is, there is one naked picture of my wife in there, so that’s what they got! No dick pics, no nothing,” he said.

Spoken like a true narcissist.

(Via Mediaite)