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‘Justified: City Primeval’ Has Been Disrupted Again After Someone Threw An ‘Incendiary Device’ Towards The Set

The Justified revival series cannot catch a break. After the Chicago production of Justified: City Primeval shut down three weeks ago following a vehicular gun fight that somehow made it past the set’s barricades where star Timothy Olyphant was filming, the cops are back on the scene again after someone reportedly threw an incendiary device at the set.

According to local news station, ABC7, shorty after 10 PM on Monday, an individual reportedly lit the device and threw it towards the set where filming was taking place. Fortunately, the device did not explode and no one was hurt. At the time of this writing, no suspects are in custody, but Chicago police are actively investigating.

This latest disruption marks the second violent incident to occur on the Justified: City Primeval set. In late July, two vehicles exchanged gunfire and crashed through the set barrier while the production was filming. Via Variety:

The crew member said, “They drove right past our U-Crane camera arm, and our crane operators were probably the closest to everything while these people were shooting at one another. The U-Crane had to drive and take a left to get away from them.”

The crew member also described how one PA, who was across the street near a bus stop, had “moved out of the way just in time because a bullet hit the glass of the bus stop and shattered the glass.”

Following the gun battle, production shut down for several days as the cast and crew took a long weekend to recover from the harrowing event.

(Via ABC7)