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When Is ‘Manifest’ Coming Back To Netflix?

Those callings in your head are all too real. Flight 828 will eventually return to Netflix after NBC probably (?) regrets cancelling the fan favorite show. This will allow Manifest creator Jeff Rake to (hopefully) make sense of all of the various, seemingly random story threads happening at the end of Season 3, and maybe we’ll learn exactly why that flight disappeared in the first place.

When will Manifest return, though?

That’s a complicated question. The show hasn’t been missing for five years (like the passengers), but still, it’s been awhile, and with storylines involving the death of a major character and all of that cult business still simmering in the background, we still don’t know why Michaela was hearing messages from a mysterious female voice. We do know that Stephen King is still a superfan and doesn’t want to hear “trust me” or that phrase I kind-of just used (“it’s complicated”), but other than that, he’s all good. A cryptic teaser showed Michaela in a shipyard and told us nothing.

What we do know is this: Manifest got cancelled by NBC and picked up by Netflix for a super-sized final season of 20 episodes. TV Line originally reported that we’ll see the season “be delivered in multiple parts” coming “late this year.” Whereas Rake told fans, responded, “I’m hearing November.”

Then there’s some fun that we can have speculating about when the finale episode will arrive: If the first episodes arrive in 2022, Netflix might want to pace the show to end on the passengers’ “death date” as stated in the series. However, that date — June 2, 2024 — is a ways away and might actually (and I’m speculating here) be the planned end date of the show as Rake conceived it (following six planned seasons). Instead, Rake will shove all of those seasons into one package, but what of the death date? A Reddit theory loves that that date, but I’m not sure that Manifest fans can stay patient that long.

However, we do know this: Manifest will return in 2022, likely in the early-to-mid fall months. Fingers crossed for sooner reather than later.