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Drake’s New Face Tattoo In Honor Of His Mother Earns Quite The Divided Reaction From Fans

Just days after roasting his dad Dennis for getting a pretty goofy-looking tattoo of himself, Drake has gotten some new ink of his own. Drake’s collection of tattoos ranges from sentimental to celebratory to outright goofy, as well, but his latest addition is way more sentimental than it is subtle. Everybody knows how much Drake loves his mom; he’s done several songs about her already, including “Sandra’s Rose” from his 2018 album Scorpion. His new tattoo takes inspiration from his mom’s name as well, inking her initials “S.G.” (for Sandra Gale) just below his left eye.

Of course, as with all things involving Drake, fans had thoughts. A Twitter search of “Drake tattoo” yields a trove of opinions ranging from exasperation (“Drake pissing me off with these tattoos,” wrote one annoyed fan) to admiration. “Drake getting braids and a face tattoo in his 30’s, let’s you know anything is possible,” joked another fan. “Go ahead and tell your manager to f*ck off the next time he asks you to mop the floor. Yolo.”

Some didn’t even believe that the image Drake posted to Instagram was even real. “drake did not get a face tattoo,” wrote one disbeliever. “it’s no way a n**** this calculated didn’t consider those consequences. i don’t believe you.” And while it’s entirely possible Drake is just here for the jokes and didn’t actually get his mom’s initials inked on his face (FWIW, it looks very much like it’s real), it’s probably funnier if he did, right? Like, if you just listed “the most Drake things Drake could possibly do,” you’re hitting that option somewhere in the top 40. Remember, Drake is the type of guy to do a lot of things no one expects but that would be pretty hilarious to see him actually do in real life.