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Lauren Boebert Is Being Dragged For A Silly ‘Coup’ Accusation Against Merrick Garland In Light Of Her Infamous ‘1776’ Tweet

On January 6, 2021 (the day of the MAGA insurrection), rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert woke up and tweeted, “Today is 1776.” That tweet somehow still exists.

Although no one would ever accuse Boebert of knowing the particulars about the Revolutionary War (she once confused “Samuel” and John Adams and doesn’t give a flip about education), it’s clear that she was attempting to reference that specific period in U.S. history. And that tweet is a big reason why the Proud Boys indictment made people side-eye Boebert for her possible contribution to planning what happened that day.

Fast forward to Trump’s announcement that the FBI raided his beautiful Mar-a-Lago compound, and Boebert has already made her perspective known. She called this “Gestapo crap,” and following Attorney General Merrick Garland’s poker-faced declaration that he authorized the raid, Boebert is hopping mad.

The Rifle Republican is, naturally, tweeting up a storm with one standout remark. “AG Garland personally approved the raid on President Trump,” she typed before making a huge leap. “This is nothing short of a coup.”

In response, people quickly mentioned the “1776” tweet from yesteryear.

That wasn’t all. Boebert doesn’t understand (or she’s willfully ignoring) how Garland is not trying to seize power from Trump. He is no longer the president but a private citizen who shouldn’t have access to those boxes of classified documents that could even contain nuclear dirt. And furthermore, the feds only went in to recover these improperly placed (and some might say stolen) documents. So, people pushed back at Boebert while also telling her that the word “coup” doesn’t mean what she thinks that it means.

In other words, what Merrick Garland did is not “1776.”