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Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul?

It’s not exactly a secret that Adele and sports super-agent Rich Paul are dating. Adele has slowly started to peel back the curtain on her relationship with Paul, who represents both Los Angeles Lakers basketball players LeBron James and Anthony Davis via his Klutch Sports Group company, among others. But with all of the details that she has been sharing — including a new revealing interview with Elle the big question remains: Is Adele engaged to Rich Paul? She cleared up those rumors a bit.

Is Adele engaged to Rich Paul?

Adele and Rich Paul have been dating for a little over a year. They first appeared together in the public eye last July while sitting courtside for the 2021 NBA Finals. Adele made it Instagram official in September of 2021, and mentions of her relationship became a regular thing on her Instagram. But it wasn’t until a February 2022 appearance on Englands The Graham Norton Show, where the engagement rumors between her and Paul really started to swirl. Adele alluded to wanting to have another baby in the near future and Norton asked her point blank if she was engaged to Rich Paul. “As if I would ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t!” Then in May, Adele posted photos of her and Rich Paul moving into a new house together. And while there were photos of the keys to the house, we still didn’t see a photo of an engagement ring.

But in the new Elle interview from August of 2022, the subject came up again and Adele was especially cryptic. She said she wants to get married again and when asked if she is engaged, she answered multiple times with variations of, “Well, I’m not married.” Later adding that, “I’m just in loooove! I’m happy as I’ll ever be. I might as well be married.” Finally, in a separate conversation with the writer, Adele gave a more straightforward answer. “I’m not engaged,” she said. “I just love high-end jewelry, boy!”