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Trump Claims The FBI ‘Stole’ Three Of His Passports And People Can’t Help But Wonder Why He Has So Many Passports

Donald Trump is fuming after FBI agents allegedly “stole” his passports. Yes, as in plural. The twice-impeached former president has been the subject of a bombshell investigation into whether his administration violated the Presidential Records Act which requires a departing president or vice president to hand over sensitive documents to the National Archives and Records Administration before leaving office. During a recent FBI raid of Trump’s Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago, agents seized 11 boxes of classified material Trump was supposed to have handed over, including top secret information on fellow presidents and maybe even nuclear weapons documents.

Naturally, people have been predicting the MAGA cult leader may soon end up behind bars because of all this, which might be why the FBI apparently confiscated Trump’s passports — all three of them.

In a post to his TRUTH Social platform, Trump ranted about having multiple passports stolen by agents during the raid. While he clarified that one passport was expired — which, if so, why keep it? — the other two were likely active, meaning Trump now had no way of fleeing the country should the DOJ actually charge him with any criminal activity.

Trump Truth Social
TRUTH Social

Obviously, normal people don’t have multiple passports just lying around their megamansions next to boxes of classified government intel they were supposed to have left in the damn White House, so Twitter users had thoughts.

It’s likely Trump has both a regular, government-issued passport and a special diplomatic passport since he is a former president, but it’s strange that he’s just now noticing all three of his travel documents are missing — and even stranger that he’s so pissed off about it. Where were you planning to go, Donald?

(Via The Daily Mail)