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The Patriots And Panthers Will Not Stop Fighting Each Other During Joint Practices

NFL teams look for ways to change things up during training camp, with a popular way for teams to get more data points on their strengths and weaknesses being joint practices with other teams. As of this writing, the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers are in the midst of their second day of practices with one another, and apparently, said practices have featured a whole lot of fighting.

Things started to get tense on Tuesday, when a pair of scraps led to players on both teams getting kicked out of practice. New England lost wide receivers Kendrick Bourne and Kristian Wilkerson, along with center James Ferentz. Carolina, meanwhile, lost defensive tackle Phil Hoskins and defensive back Kenny Robinson.

It’s certainly not what you want to see — Patriots receiver DeVante Parker, per WCVB in Boston, was quoted as saying “It’s what happens when we’re competing and trying to get better. Things are going to happen, but we’ve got to keep on going to the next play.” The two sides got a chance to bury the hatchet and focus on ball on Wednesday morning, but unfortunately for those who did not want the teams to get into it, the teams got into it.

According to reports at the practice, Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey didn’t take too kindly to this hit.

Things apparently popped off from there, with the two teams engaging in some pushing and shoving. Eventually, Panthers back Chuba Hubbard and Patriots defensive lineman Deatrich Wise got tossed.

According to ProFootballTalk, there was another altercation that ended with Robinson getting tossed again and Wilkerson getting carted off the field.

On the other field, reports vary as to whether Patriots returner Kristian Wilkerson went down from a non-contact injury or was laid out on a kickoff return by defensive back Kenny Robinson. Either way, Robinson stood over Wilkerson, which Patriots players took exception to and another fight began.

The two teams are slated to play a preseason game on Friday.