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The Dodgers Broadcast Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Their Reporter Broke His Arm On The Brewers Giant Slide

The Milwaukee Brewers ballpark features one very large and unique feature that no other team has, which is a giant slide that their mascot, Bernie the Brewer, goes down after home runs.

It looks incredibly fun, and so you can’t blame Dodgers field reporter David Vassegh being very excited when he learned he would be allowed to go down the slide prior to a Dodgers-Brewers game. Vassegh apparently talked about this for days leading up to it, which made what happened unbelievably funny to the Dodgers broadcast team, which could not contain their laughter as they showed the video of Vassegh absolutely flying down the slide and slamming into the padded wall at the bottom — breaking his arm in the process.

The video itself is very funny, as Vassegh’s excitement becomes panic almost immediately as he just yells “HOLY CRAP” over and over as he picks up speed. His concern for how fast he’s going was justified as he tumbles out of the slide and pins his right arm between himself and the wall, breaking it in the process.

This wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t for how delighted Vassegh seemed about it, as they cut the camera to him waving his arm in a cast and smiling, which only further leads the booth into hysterics. Hopefully it’s a quick recovery for our guy here, but if nothing else, he created one of the most memorable moments in baseball broadcasts this season.