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Trump Is So Protective Of His Hair That He Rigged A Bet During His Infamous WrestleMania Match With Vince McMahon

Donald Trump is the only former-president of the United States who’s also part of the WWE Hall of Fame (there’s still time, Jimmy Carter). During the 2013 ceremony, he called the induction a bigger honor than “having the highest ratings in TV, being a best-selling author, or getting a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” Trump conveniently left out the part where he refused to let founder Vince McMahon touch his hair.

Trump’s most notorious WWE moment came during WrestleMania 23, when he and McMahon took part in the “Battle of the Billionaires.” Both of the slimy rich men had a wrestler — Bobby Lashley for Trump, Umaga for McMahon — fight for them; the winner would get to shave the loser’s hair. But according to the Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Trump had his associates review the contract to ensure that under no circumstances would Mr. McMahon be allowed to shave his head, even if Mr. Trump’s wrestler dropped dead in the ring.” It’s like the Fast and Furious “no one can lose” clause, but with hair.

A person who reviewed Mr. Trump’s contract for the WrestleMania appearance said that Mr. Trump directed Mr. McMahon to send a $4 million appearance fee to Mr. Trump’s charity. After the event, Mr. Trump boasted that his appearance had been such a success that Mr. McMahon agreed to give him an additional $1 million.

That’s the same charity that was dissolved after it was discovered that Trump used it as his personal piggybank. Also, the Wall Street Journal notes, “an attorney for WWE didn’t dispute that the contributions were related to Mr. Trump’s appearances but challenged the notion that $1 million was a bonus for the success of the event.”

I, for one, expect more integrity from Trump and McMahon. Oh wait, no, I don’t.

(Via the Wall Street Journal)