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John Fetterman Won’t Stop Trolling Dr. Oz Over His Many, Many Houses And Oz Is SO MAD About It

A piece of advice for Dr. Oz: Quit getting into Twitter beefs with John Fetterman. It’s never going to end well for you.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate has made headlines this week for some embarrassing and, we’ll just say it, elitist gaffes. First, he dubbed a regular vegetable platter a crudite. Then, he mispronounced the name of a popular grocery chain in Pennsylvania — the state he running for office in despite not actually living there. And finally, when quizzed about how many properties the multi-millionaire TV personality owns, Oz somehow forgot eight of them, including a pair of NYC condos and a Florida mansion.

Fetterman has had some fun trolling Oz for affluent amnesia on social media, even joining in on the usage of a popular meme making the rounds on Twitter to skewer his out-of-touch opponent.

And Dr. Oz? He did not like that. In fact, in an effort to defend his ridiculous real estate portfolio, Oz accused Fetterman of mooching off his parents while he — a daytime talk show host — paid for all of his houses (plural) with his own money.

Unfortunately for Oz, Fetterman is just too quick with the clap back for him to ever win their Twitter feud. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Just give up already, man.