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A Member Of Nappy Roots Was Shot And Kidnapped During A Robbery Attempt

One of Nappy Roots‘ best-known songs might be titled “Good Day” but one of the group’s members had a very bad day recently as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Melvin Adams, better known as Fish Scales, opened a brewery called Atlantucky (a reference to Nappy Roots’ home state, Kentucky) alongside bandmate Skinny Deville in Atlanta earlier this year. However, on Wednesday night (August 17), Scales and one of the brewery’s customers were accosted in the parking lot at around 11 pm by two men demanding cash from the bar’s safe.

When the customer fled, police say the men shot him. The two robbers then forced Scales into his car at gunpoint, driving him to his home in Hapeville, where he was able to escape on foot. Scales was shot in the leg as he struggled with one of the robbers during his escape and is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital. In a statement, his bandmate and business partner Skinny Deville said, “I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering. That is what is most important.”

Skinny is unsure whether Scales will be able to perform at the band’s next show in Rapid City, South Dakota on Saturday. However, he remains optimistic. “We’ve had harder situations than this in the music business,” he said. “If COVID didn’t stop us and we opened up during COVID, one little altercation is definitely not going to stop us.” Incidentally, he said, Atlantucky doesn’t even keep cash on-site; all the robbers got away with was $30 and a few personal items.