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‘Fungies!’ Creator Blames HBO Max’s ‘Uninformed Money-Driven Decisions’ For Show’s Cancelation

The saga of HBO Max continues. The latest fallout from parent corporation Warner Bros. Discovery‘s decision to axe a bunch of shows on the streamer involves The Fungies! creator Stephen P. Neary speaking out against its cancellation. The bizarre animated program starring Jennifer Coolidge as a cartoon fungus creature was among a slew of titles that won’t be returning to the platform. As Deadline shared, Neary thanked his fellow creators via twitter and went on to blame corporate decision-making not just for the cancelation but for the mismanagement of the 80-episode show’s publicity and reach.

“We worked so hard through the pandemic, and I hoped that diligence would be rewarded with support from the network. [I] was promised the show would air on Cartoon Network, which would drive views to HBO Max, but soon after launch, the show was pulled from the air without notice,” Neary said.

Neary went on to blame The Fungies! cancelation and the cancelation of popular HBO Max programs on “uniformed, money-driven decisions.”

To be fair, The Fungies! is a niche show, and a corporation’s existence involves making money-driven decisions. It’s also undeniable that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and company are moving fast and breaking things without a convincing argument as to their vision of content is superior. That’s been reflected in the 25% drop in the company’s stock following a less-than-inspiring public presentation.

(via Deadline)