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Harry Styles Chats With Nardwuar And Reminisces About Singing At Joni Mitchell’s House

Nardwuar has interviewed so many major artists over the years he’s been conducting his unusual but endearing conversations, and now he’s added another one to his ever-growing list of interviewees: Harry Styles.

The newly shared conversation took place around this year’s Coachella festival and Styles was delighted by the nuanced questions and specific gifts. At one point during the conversation, Joni Mitchell came up and Styles spoke about singing at her house, saying:

“I did go to her house. She had like a Christmas carol sing-along thing one time, and I was invited by the wonderful Brandi Carlile, and it was very fun. […] I wasn’t gonna sing anything, and then Brandi kind of volunteered me to sing ‘River,’ which was one of the more nerve-racking moments of my life, singing ‘River’ in front of Joni Mitchell, but it was pretty special.”

Maggie Rogers seemingly discussed that same moment in a recent interview, saying, “Last time I heard somebody sing ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell, it was Harry Styles covering it in Joni Mitchell’s living room before the pandemic, and that is what I’m going to think about every time I ever hear that song again.”

Watch Styles’ interview with Nardwuar above.