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Niki Transforms Her Album Into A Short Film With ‘But I’m Letting Go’

Niki just unveiled Nicole, a sprawling album that ventures into an alternative pop direction while finding power in vulnerability and storytelling with songs like “Oceans & Engines” and “Before.” Now, she’s adding to the experience of the record by unleashing an accompanying film titled But I’m Letting Go.

Presented by Amazon Music, But I’m Letting Go is directed by Isaac Ravishankara and stars Niki as herself and Peter Adrian Sudarso as the character Ben with whom she has a relationship gone wrong.

“We shot the whole thing in 5 days and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life, alongside some of the best, most talented human beings I’ve ever encountered and worked with,” Niki said about the experience. “We decided to call it ‘But I’m Letting Go,’ but it’s also about two people coming together. Inspired by my own life, but somehow also about every relationship. It is truly what makes this particular album so special, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for you guys to see it.”

Director Isaac Ravishankara added, “Even though the core story of But I’m Letting Go is based on NIKI’s own life, what we set out to make was something much more universal. After all, nearly everyone has had that first love, and for most of us, it didn’t last.”

Watch the trailer above and check out the full film here.