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Even Tucker Carlson Can’t Stop Laughing At Dr. Oz’s Disastrous Crudités Video

Tucker Carlson has never had a problem backing the worst trends of the Right. Whether it’s downplaying the January 6 insurrection, pushing anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, or attacking Jon Stewart for championing a veterans healthcare bill, Tucker has been a loyal soldier. But not even he could hold it together while covering Dr. Mehmet Oz‘s ridiculously out-of-touch campaign video where he pretends to shop in a grocery store.

In the video for his PA senate race, Oz mispronounces the name of the store and refers to a veggie tray as “crudités,” which opened him up to even more relentless trolling from his opponent John Fetterman. During his Thursday night monologue, Carlson said Oz should be focusing on crime and immigration instead of inflation. According to Mediaite, the Fox News host also couldn’t stop from snickering at how bad the Oz video is.

“Twenty dollars for crudités?” Carlson said while trying to keep it together. “Whatever that is. It’s very obviously easy to make fun of that, but it’s not entirely a stupid ad if inflation were the salient issue here.”

But don’t give Carlson too much credit. He opened the segment by noting that Oz is losing in the polls to a “stroke victim” and he once again dabbled in replacement theory by accusing Democrats of “changing the population of the United States.”

On top of being laughed at on Fox News, Dr. Oz is reportedly losing critical support from Donald Trump. According to Rolling Stone, Trump has been privately telling people that Oz is going to “f*cking lose” and it will be “incredibly embarrassing” in a race against Fetterman, who “has hidden in his basement more [than Joe Biden].”

(Via Mediaite)