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John Fetterman Has Raised So Much Money Thanks To Dr. Oz’s Ridiculously Bad Crudités Video

Last week, Dr. Oz starred in a hilariously bad campaign video where he pretended to go grocery shopping, and clearly, had no idea what he was doing. Not only did he mispronounce the name of the supermarket, but he awkwardly attempted to buy random ingredients for a “crudités.” Granted, that’s the proper culinary term, but to the vast majority of working class Pennsylvanians, it’s a veggie tray.

Naturally, Oz’s opponent, John Fetterman, went to town on the embarrassing video that only further emphasized that Oz has nothing in common with everyday voters in PA on top of actually being a New Jersey resident. However, it appears that the crudités video did more than just give Fetterman another opportunity to relentlessly troll Oz on social media. It also made for one heck of a fundraiser. Fetterman’s campaign reportedly brought in $500,000 within 24 hours of the Oz video going viral. Via CNBC:

The spike in donations between Monday and Tuesday afternoon was “well above” the campaign’s average rate, Fetterman’s communications director, Joe Calvello, told CNBC on Wednesday.

The campaign raked in $11 million in the previous fundraising quarter, Calvello noted. ”$500,000 in one day, it’s a nice bump,” he said.

The fundraising windfall marks a seemingly endless parade of blunders for Oz in the PA senate race. The situation has gotten so bad that Donald Trump is reportedly telling people in private that Oz is going to “f*cking lose.” (It also probably didn’t help that Tucker Carlson tried to show the crudités video on his show and couldn’t stop laughing.) To add insult to injury, Oz started trending over the weekend as Twitter users unearthed his old tweets about poop. Fetterman has yet to capitalize on that recent development, but give him a minute.

(Via CNBC)