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Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, And Sly Stallone Are Among The Celebrities Accused Of Gobbling Up Water During A Severe Drought

It’s late summer, and you know what that means: California is in one of their awful droughts. This year’s is worse than usual; 97 percent of Los Angeles has been declared to be in a state of “severe drought,” and it’s reported to be the fourth driest year of the last century-and-a-quarter. But not everyone in the City of Angels is doing their part to save water, including a number of celebrities.

As per Newsweek, 2,000 Los Angelinos have been accused of using excessive amounts of water. Included in that number are no less than Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, and NBA star Dwayne Wade and his wife, the actress Gabrielle Union. Those on that list have been issued “notices of exceedance,” alleging that they had surpassed 150 percent of their monthly water budget, not once but four times since rules went into place to combat the drought late last year.

Some wasted water more than others:

The records showed actor and comedian Hart was about 519 percent over budget in June. Meanwhile, Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, exceeded their water budget by a whopping 1,400 percent in June—roughly 90,000 gallons of water over the allocated amount. In May, their property exceeded the budget by 489,000 gallons.

Meanwhile, Kardashian hasn’t only been accused of ignoring water laws. She’s also number seven on a list of celebrities seen as the “biggest offenders” when it comes to private jet emissions. But still, the summer isn’t over quite yet, so there’s time to make amends.

(Via Newsweek)