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‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Are Already Comparing Daemon Targaryen To A Certain ‘The Boys’ Character

House of the Dragon pulled off a streaming miracle on Sunday night while crashing servers at HBO Max, and one character held instant intrigue for fans. That would be the so-called “rogue prince” himself, Daemon Targaryen. He’s portrayed by Matt Smith, who already warned the world that he might have too many sex scenes. Certainly, his introduction into that realm was something else. Daemon had performance issues, it seems. Daemon’s very distracted by forever lurking in the shadow of his brother (although he’s one of Our Contenders) for the throne, so who could blame him?

Prince “HotD” (or lack thereof) moniker aside, people love to make comparisons, and after watching one episode, a lot of people are already ready to slap the chaos-causing character with a label. Because Daemon is such a presumptive butthole who’s maneuvering like crazy, and people already love him, Homelander of The Boys is already popping up in Twitter conversation.

Is this an accurate comparison? Give it time, everyone. Certainly, Daemon is morally grey, but Homelander is straight-up amoral. It’s too (extremely) soon to call this one, but there’s something to be said about the discussion that’s already ongoing, and of course, there are also fears (as you’ll see below) that this could turn into a situation where some people realize (in a few seasons) that they were rooting for someone terrible. Again, there’s no way to predict what shall happen, but it’s nice to already have a new batch of characters to obsess over, so soon after Better Call Saul ended. And yes, someone threw out a Gus Fring too…

HBO’s House of the Dragon airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.