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Antony Starr Celebrated The Start Of Filming ‘The Boys’ Season 4 With A Throwback Photo

(Spoilers from The Boys first three seasons will be found below.)

It seems like only yesterday and 20 years ago (due to our ongoing global situation) that The Boys first obliterated the superhero realm amid a sea of (arguably) overly buoyant and overly gritty Marvel/Disney and DC/Warner Bros projects, respectively speaking. Soon enough, fans gleefully surrendered to the mayhem wrought by Showrunner Eric Kripke, his crew, and his cast, organized into The Seven (along with the powers that be) and the title vigilante group who’d long since had enough.

A lot has happened since then with The Boys recently delivering a “Herogasm” that actually managed to eclipse what the show had gotten away with already. And The Seven is a largely different group now. Starlight has left the Vought building (although she’s still around) whereas Queen Maeve will go enjoy civilian life. Translucent bit the dust early on, but the dust hasn’t yet settled on Black Noir (who might be back as a different Black Noir next season?). Then there’s Anthony Starr’s Homelander, who’s progressively been losing it even more after jerking off from atop a skyscraper.

Homelander has officially pulled what Trump once “joked” about doing by committing homicide in broad daylight, and now, he’s got his son, Ryan, along for the Compound V-fueled ride. And Starr is now looking back fondly on Season 1 with a throwback photo.

Yep, Season 4 is officially filming, which means that we should see it sometime in late 2023. Before that happens, the college-age spinoff, Gen V will arrive. Stills from that series freaked out Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it sounds like a bloody good time for all involved.